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Football Betting is a hard game. Most football betting fans have tried to make a profit from it, and failed. This is the reason why you get so many people out there looking to sell you their latest football betting systems.

What they don't tell you, is that they have already tried these football betting systems and LOST. They then "airbrush" the results to make them look like they make a profit, just as surely as the models on the glossy magazines have been airbrushed to remove all the blemishes.

Then we come to all those football betting tipsters out there. Are they for real? Show me a single one that has been around for the last 12 -24 months. No? Don't know one? I'm not surprised. These people throw up dozens of soccer picks sites looking to lure people like you into their web. As soon as they have a bad month they are gone, off to setup another site.

The good news is, you can usually spot these unsavory characters quite easily:

  • They claim results of up to 97% (even 99% on one occasion)

    Now you and me live in the real world, and *WE KNOW* that is simply not possible.

  • Their website looks like it has been put together in a hurry.

    When you are building so many of these, it makes sense to make them easy and cheap to build

  • They offer an unrealistic guarantee.

    Do you really think someone is going to pay you 200% of your payment if they lose? This is sports betting - losing short term is something that will happen from time to time. Do you really think the football tipster is going to refund you 200% of your money if he makes a loss in a month? He would soon be bankrupt!

  • They offer you the whole football season FREE, if a football prediction loses.

    Sounds very genuine, doesn't it? The problem with this type of tipster is that they give one side of the match to half the people and the other side to the other half. So 50% of their customers always "win"

If you are looking for something like that, you will not find it here. I have been around for many years and I will continue to be here for many years to come.

We make LONG TERM PROFITS. I really can't stress that enough. If you are looking for profit tonight, there is a good chance that I will provide it. But...I cannot guarantee it. What I can guarantee is that if you stick around, you will grow your bank and swell your profits.

Still reading? Good. You are just the type of person I need.

I am the football predictions kingpin. If you are looking for a fake rags to riches story, I am going to disappoint you. From a very early age I have been good at finding the errors that sports books make in pricing up matches. However I was influenced by people around me that I needed an "honest" job. So I went to Uni, got some qualifications and got a job.

I worked my way through the ranks and was quite comfortable, when WHAM! One day the stress and long hours got to me and I collapsed at work.

The news from the doctor was simple:

My Job Was Killing ME!

I was forced to take an extended break to recuperate, and I was Bored, with a capital "B". It was middle of the football season, so I turned to my favourite sport for entertainment. Pretty soon I was spotting the pricing errors by sports books again.

I was soon helping myself to these, and after about three months of sensational success, I made the decision to quit my job and concentrate on football betting

Quite simple really - it gives me an additional income stream. Listen if you had an oil well in your backyard, would you just take enough out for yourself, and leave the rest? Or would you try to sell some of it to others to get more money?

Unless you are some sort of weirdo, I'm guessing you would go for the second option. Guess what, I'm doing exactly the same. I have a gushing well of football profits, and I am willing to share it with you - for a price.


I have graded my football tips into three levels, and drawn a circle around them. The lowest of these is the Outer Circle, and here I will give you free advice and tips. The next level is the Winners Circle. Here the opportunities are plentiful and the long term profits assured. And finally we have the Inner Circle. Here we have only the strongest football predictions, and if they don't win - I refund your payment.

One final thing - I am not going to share these tips with all and sundry. I have set a limit on the number of people I want in each circle. Once that is full, it will be quite a while before I review the numbers and decide if I can expand the circles. So if the links below are active, click them to join the circle of your choice.

Latest Results

  • Denmark - Iceland
    Pick: , Won, 1.53
  • Bordeaux - Bastia
    Pick: Bordeaux , Push, 1.37
  • Den Haag - Nijmegen
    Pick: Den Haag , Won, 1.45
  • Torquay - Southport
    Pick: Torquay , Won, 1.48
  • Nagoya - Vegalta Sendai
    Pick: Nagoya , Won, 1.76
  • Skoda Xanthi - Levadiakos
    Pick: Skoda Xanthi , Push, 1.26
  • Real Sociedad - Las Palmas
    Pick: Real Sociedad , Lost, 1.36
  • Yokohama M. - Tosu
    Pick: Yokohama M. , Won, 1.41
  • Taraz - Aktobe
    Pick: Taraz , Push, 1.35
  • Hamilton - Partick
    Pick: Hamilton , Lost, 2.04
  • Watford - Stoke City
    Pick: Watford , Lost, 1.80
  • Marseille - Rennes
    Pick: Marseille , Lost, 1.49
  • Grasshoppers - Zurich
    Pick: Grasshoppers , Won, 1.99
  • U. de Deportes - Alianza Atl.
    Pick: U. de Deportes , Won, 1.21
  • Ordabasy - Aktobe
    Pick: Ordabasy , Won, 1.28
  • I. Pavlodar - Okzhetpes
    Pick: I. Pavlodar , Won, 1.42
  • Iraklis - Veria
    Pick: Iraklis , Push, 1.69
  • Nantes - Angers
    Pick: Nantes , Won, 1.45
  • Montpellier - Nice
    Pick: Montpellier , Lost, 1.56
  • GFC Ajaccio - Caen
    Pick: GFC Ajaccio , Won, 1.94
  • Saoura - Kabylie
    Pick: Saoura , Won, 1.34
  • Sporting Cristal - U. San Martin
    Pick: Sporting Cristal , Push, 1.29

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